God bless you three. You are the pride of America tonight. That is
one of the best vocal performances we have heard thus far.
— Piers Morgan

VOICES OF GLORY: A New Voice of Hope

Voices of Glory is a group of siblings who are on a mission to change the world through their unique style of singing, tight harmonies, and inspirational message. Michael, Avery, and Nadia Cole, started singing together in 2005 after their mother, Felicia, was in a car collision with a drunk driver, placing her in a coma. Day after day, the trio would serenade their mother by her bed, until 8 months later, Felicia came out of her coma. After this experience, the group began to travel to nursing homes and hospitals in an effort to bring hope to other patients and their families, and they adopted the name “Voices of Glory”.

In 2009, the group achieved national recognition when they made it to the Top 5 on the NBC hit show “America’s Got Talent”. After that, opportunities were plentiful. The group has appeared on all major television networks with special guest appearances on Fox News, the Jim Bakker Show, and the Bobby Jones Gospel Hour. They were personally selected by Mr. Andy Williams to be in his annual Christmas Show. They have been featured in People Magazine, Jet Magazine, MTV Chatroom, and USA Today. They have performed in venues all across America including the Grand Ole’ Opry Entertainment Complex, American Airlines Arena, Madison Square Garden, Music City USA Auditorium, and the Apollo Center. Additionally, they have been featured artists at an international concert in Germany and were requested to perform in the world renown "Drums of the World Festival" in South Africa.

After touring for several years, in 2012, the Voices of Glory found a home for their show, “AYO”, in Branson, MO, at the Hughes Brothers Theatre. In Branson, the group has had phenomenal success, piling on accolades such as “Best Matinee Show” and “Young Female Entertainer of the Year Award” (Nadia) along with a slew of other nominations. Their time in Branson has allowed them to record multiple albums as well as author their autobiography, Higher Than Me. “We have been given a unique opportunity to deliver a message of hope through our music,” says oldest brother Michael Cole, “and it is a challenge that we do not take likely.” Voices of Glory is already an incredibly accomplished group of musicians, and this is only the beginning of the great things that will come from these talented, young siblings!

What an amazing family!
— Sharon Osborne
Michael Cole VOG

Nadia Cole

I may be the youngest sibling, but I have been blessed with incredible opportunities to achieve dreams far beyond my imagination. I was a co-founding member of The Voices of Glory at age seven. I have been a voice artist on a Disney pilot show. I received a golden ticket on the American Idol Experience in Orlando, Florida; and recently, I was even blessed to win Branson’s Young Female Entertainer of the Year Award. My favorite color is purple, and I love pepperoni pizza, Panda Express, and chocolate chip cookies! My dream would be to travel and explore the world, especially Europe!

Avery Cole VOG

Michael Cole

Most people know me as Michael Cole II. I am both a singer and a producer. I have been singing since the age of five and singing professionally as a member of The Voices of Glory since the age of 15. Music is not only my career, but it is my passion. I aspire to not only continue to perform onstage, but to one day open my own music consulting business to pass on my love of music to the next generation. I love what I do, and am driven by my love for God, people, and music. I especially love Jazz and Soul. When I am not doing something related to music, I love to play sports, travel, and discover new experiences.

Nadia Cole VOG

Avery Cole

I am a singer, dancer, and producer, and I love to write my own music and play guitar. I grew up in small town called Highland, New York, and whether it was church or our local jazz club, I have always been surrounded by music.  My first time singing was at seven years old when I sang the Lord’s Prayer right before the Pastor reached the pulpit. That is when I realized that I had a love for singing and entertaining people, and that love has only grown deeper.

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